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An example of a modern Dharma publishing house is Tharpa Publications. It is a publisher of books on Buddhism by the renowned meditation master, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Its titles are widely acclaimed for their clarity and universal applicability.

Tharpa offers something for everyone, and together its titles represent perhaps the most complete presentation of the Buddhist path available in any Western language. These books have also been translated into many different European languages, including Russian, and are now being translated into Chinese and other non-western languages as well. Tharpa also produces audio versions of many of these books, Buddhist prayers on CD and cassette, and a beautiful range of traditional Buddhist art.

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Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism explains basic Buddhist view, intention, and action, and how to follow the Buddhist way of life in the modern world. It is the perfect manual for anyone with an interest in Buddhism and meditation.

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